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Breaded pike milk

Breaded pike milk

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I always threw away the milk because I didn't know what to do with it, but this time I said, stay a little safe, I'm edible and I searched the site so I could prepare them.
They and Grandma had a simple and tasty recipe. Thank you Grandma for the inspiration! So I started the challenge "recipes for family meals", as Grandma kept saying, great thing: 5 recipes! ;) P.S. I forbade milk to take artistic pictures, but the little kite was not present and accidentally "poisoned" with fish: He is not a fish fan, so the scenery was instantly exhausted and I only have intermediate pictures! ;)

  • Peach milk approx. 300 g,
  • Sea salt approx. 1 teaspoon,
  • Eggs 2 pieces,
  • Classic mustard 1 tbsp,
  • Flour approx. 100 g,
  • Pesmet approx. 100 g,
  • Unisol sunflower oil approx. 300 ml.

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Breaded pike milk:

Sprinkle salt over the washed milk and leave it to cool for approx. Ten minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the ingredients for the crust. Put the flour and breadcrumbs in two separate containers. Put the eggs in a deeper bowl, beat well and then mix with the mustard until smooth.

Milk is given through flour, egg mixture and then breadcrumbs.

Fry the milk in hot oil on each side.

After frying, remove to a strainer to drain the oil.

Breaded milk is served with natural potatoes, rice or bread, accompanied by seasonal salad! ;)

Good luck and good luck!

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I think you can use any kind of milk, from any kind of fish;)

Grilled pike fillets

The first time you prepare grilled pike fillets, it may seem more difficult, because we must be careful not to break the meat of the fish, as it is very tender.

All we have to do is clean the cooker and oil it. We will remove the fish file, if we wish. The fish must be very well dried, we will then grease it with oil and sprinkle it with salt or pepper. The piece of fillet can be about 2.5 to 3 cm thick.

The fish will be placed with the greased part on the grill, we leave it for about 2 minutes without moving it or a little more if we want it to be very well done. He then returns and repeats this.

Jamaican cuisine at Flavor Making

Last Saturday I went to an event that Radu Popovici, the chef in the kitchen that I met at the Ginger restaurant and whose blog and recipes I have been following ever since, has been doing it periodically for some time at the Biscuit store on Magheru. Is called Flavor Making, takes place on Saturdays and each time prepares specialties characteristic of another international cuisine. It's for money, 70 lei per person, but I'd rather give there something I haven't tasted before than pizza and juice elsewhere.

As is my luck, I managed to participate in exactly the last such event of the season, because it takes a break during the summer. The kitchen chosen now was that Jamaican, about which I knew absolutely nothing. From what Radu told us, the Jamaicans have preparations in which they put spices that they used from tribes, such as allspice, combined with ingredients brought by all other peoples who migrated to America, including African slaves, Spanish and English conquerors, emigrants Chinese in recent times and so on.

What did I eat? I started with shrimp made with garlic and onion and served with pieces of baked papaya, maybe with a little thyme added. Very good, especially since I've been a big fan of shrimp since I ate it in Portugal 3 years ago.

Shrimp with garlic, onion and papaya

Followed pike fillets made bread, but not as a European schnitzel, but in a mixture of starch, egg and coconut, if I have chosen correctly. The walnut was clearly visible on the golden crust and tasted good. A unique flavor that I eat for the first time. Radu then made a sauce with lime, grated garlic, grated ginger paste, red hot pepper paste, soy sauce and honey, all mixed in a small bowl and then poured over the breaded fish. Basmati rice was served as a garnish, which has a larger grain and is a little crispier than normal.

Pike bread with sauce and rice

Type three was chicken over which a sauce of vinegar, green pepper and lime was put, to which red pepper paste was added, so it was pretty fast. It was placed over the chicken, like a green paste, and made it taste great. Spicy enough to sting your tongue, but not enough to make your heart beat harder and make you uncomfortable eating.

Chicken with spicy sauce and rice

In the end it was a ice cream made from coconut milk, mixed with ginger and pieces of lime and served with pieces of pineapple and papaya. Very good and refreshing.

I look forward to starting these events again, in the meantime follow Radu Popovici on his blog for detailed recipes and other dishes.

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/> Pike bread with sauce and rice /> Radu preparing the sauce /> Chicken with spicy sauce and rice
/> Coconut ice cream with pineapple and papaya

7 delicious fish-based recipes

Washed and cleaned vegetables are cut into rounds and boiled in a bowl with water (enough to cover the vegetables) and a little salt. Cover with a lid. When the vegetables are cooked, put them in a pan in which the oil has been placed. The fish is portioned, salted / seasoned and placed over the vegetables. Add 1/2 glass of the juice in which the vegetable was boiled. Put in the oven for 1/2 hour and then add the wine. Turn the fish over and place in the oven for 1/4 hour to brown on both sides.

Salad garnished with quince

Preparation time: 1 hour Difficulty: low

garlic nettle paste
garlic mayonnaise

In a high tray in which the cleaned and washed room sits lightly, pour cold water enough to reach the dorsal wing. Bring to the boil. Meanwhile, clean the vegetables. Celery (a piece as big as a fist) is cut into 8/8 lengths, as are the two quinces. The carrot is cut according to your imagination for decoration. Nettles are prepared and waiting.

Salad stew does not last more than 45 minutes. Halfway through, throw the ingredients in boiling water. (It should NOT boil hard). Decorate the plate as you see fit, but it is good to use lettuce leaves. Place the fish in a normal position - like in water - support it on the sides with slices of quince and celery. Put the mayonnaise in a bag to decorate. Cover the slices that support the fish, and decorate the fish as you cut your head. Place the ready-made nettles in the corners of the plate (they have a dark green color), garnish with slices of carrot, celery, quince.

Serve COLD! The salami is a fish with "white" meat, but a bit fairy. Garlic mayonnaise "warms" it, and the taste of boiled quince and celery makes you think of the past. Nettles, on the other hand, bring you back to the present.

Stuffed pike, old recipes, fishing

I found a beautiful 2.7 kg pike when I was in Romania in April. I didn't stop to think, I took it immediately. Directly from the source, from the fresh cherhana, it was a real heavenly hand. Too bad I didn't find more. I also took a small pikeperch, almost 1 kg, large crucian, about 1 kg each, sweet and tasty (3 pieces) and 3 large novices, 6 kilograms each. Good merchandise and especially, extremely fresh. Who knows what the Dobrogean fish tastes like, understands what I am saying.

See here some recipes with fish, Dobrogean, fish, authentic, old. You will find recipes for fish soup, brine, plachie, fish meatballs, meatballs with tomato sauce, fine fish slices, fish zacusca, scordolea and malasolca and more. Are old, authentic recipes, family recipes, dobrogene. You will find many useful tricks and tips that you may or may not know.

I'll tell you first how I prepared this stuffed pike now and then I'll give you other recipes. I know how to cook pike in many ways, and stuffed pike is my favorite. A bit difficult with pike in Italy, so I'd better write all the recipes I know, so you have a choice.

The pike is a predatory fish, extremely greedy, which eats all the young of other fish. Therefore, in farms, it will be separated from other fish species. It has a fair meat, hard, with a specific taste, slightly shore, which is not liked by everyone. And if it is not cooked well, the pike meat will be strong and with an unpleasant taste. It is extremely recommended in diets, because it has no fat at all.

Stuffed pike or when the Lipovans shine in the kitchen

You have never eaten fish borscht like in the Danube Delta, no matter how hard you try to do it. They, the Lipovans, have something specific that gives it a different taste and no, it's not about the water in the river, as the legend says. So with the stuffed pike.

A food without which, at their place, there can be no festive or wedding meal. An archaic food, brought by the Lipovans on their pilgrimage to the mouth of the Danube.

It is, without a doubt, a rural dish, but it would not be shy to sit next to a plate with the most delicious dishes. Because not only would he not make fun of himself, but he would compete brilliantly for a title, whatever it was. It is not simple, but it is learned from childhood, when age urges you to help. in play. Our pike becomes a delicacy in a few steps, and not in the sense of stages, but of steps. physical, because they are only a few meters from the Danube water to the oven, via the kitchen table.

Cleaned of scales and eviscerated, including the ears, the pike prepares for the big culinary exam. We need her skin, so we take it off the flesh carefully (especially on the fins on the belly). What is left, carefully clean the bones and cut into small pieces. Or chop with a knife or butcher - the meat is white and fine anyway, but it is possible that there are bones left - or in the car.

Then it gets a lot of flavors. First of all, the pike does not have a fatty meat, so it needs help. Which he also receives from the Danube, from his mackerel sister. In some homes, without bread soaked in milk, you can't even conceive the filling, and without finely chopped onions, garlic and dill it doesn't taste good. Obviously, salt and pepper, and they are all tied with an egg. We stuff everything in the pike skin, and if it's too much we "seal" it with slices of potatoes and sew with skewer skewers or even with thread and needle.

Bake in a greased pan, on a bed of vegetables, ie slices of potatoes, onions, carrots and tomatoes, and - to make sure that the vegetables do not burn - pour a little water or, better yet, white wine and lemon.

In order not to drown the meat, first cover the pike with baking paper greased with oil, so that it does not stick, and cover the flavors in aluminum foil. After 45 miracles, we discover and pour another glass of wine and leave it to brown.

What's coming out. it's divine. With a stump wine, sprinting like in Dobrogea, it goes great. Have a good appetite, if I haven't already!

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Paul Dan

Why are we looking for something delicious when it comes to food? It's not fair to answer a question, but why should we eat? We are in 2019 and for hundreds of years we have not eaten just to live. We eat to please our senses - the eye to admire what is on the plate, the nose to smell the smell, the taste buds to be ecstatic with the taste, and, as a summum, the brain to bring us that full satisfaction of the meal.

I found in Pipera's corporate canteens, and not only, that many, accustomed to matches and cheefs and many French fries, do not know (or know, but do not care) that a roasted chicken in a cauldron of roses and bone, well bathed in mujdei, it is much tastier and healthier than an industrially prepared one. What's better than a grilled carp compared to some fishfingers or squid rounds?

For all those who either do not know the true taste of Romanian products, or want to diversify and, why not, try new ideas, I will present here the secrets of Romanian cuisine.

What fish is healthy for children and how to cook it

As long as you choose the right fish and cook it in a healthy way, eating fish will only bring benefits to the health of developing babies.

Fish is rich in quality protein, iron and other minerals, as well as Omega-3 or Omega-6 fatty acids. Fatty acids are good for heart health, but they also contribute to the development of the brain, so they are good for children, who are constantly growing. Some types of fish, such as salmon, even contain vitamin D, which is rarely found in food.

What type of fish is recommended for children

You need to know, first of all, what type of fish is not suitable for children. It is about fish rich in mercury, such as shark, swordfish or king mackerel.

Among the types of fish that contain low amounts of mercury and are good even for children and pregnant women are:

  • Wild salmon
  • bream
  • sleep
  • trout
  • Sardines
  • herring
  • mackerel
  • I know that
  • the code
  • Halibut
  • Edible molluscs
  • Shrimp
  • Oysters
  • Shells.

How much fish is recommended for children

According to experts, children should eat more than 2-3 times a week, but their portions should be much smaller compared to adults.

For children up to 6 years old, the recommended portion of fish per week does not exceed 140 grams.

For older children aged 6-8 years, the amount of fish consumed per week should not exceed 170 grams.

Children older than 9 years can consume 350 grams fish per week, as well as adults.

If it is fish caught in rivers and lakes by you or an acquaintance, reduce the amount served to children under 6 years 56 grams per week. Older children are allowed to consume an amount of 85 grams fish fishing in rivers or lakes per week.

How to cook fish for the little ones

Maybe you are tempted to give the little fish prepared bread, in the form of fish-fingers, because it is easier to accept the fish served like this. But it would be ideal to protect your child from breads and fries, which are not healthy at all, not even for adults.

Since it can be difficult to convince the little one to eat fish, you can use different tricks that make the food more attractive. For example, serve the fish cooked in the oven, along with vegetables such as carrots, cut into stars or various figurines. If it's a slightly older child, you can use a stick or tortilla to wrap the fish, along with vegetables, so that the little one can more easily accept to eat what you offer.

The best methods of cooking pasta for children are: baking, steaming, boiling and grilling.

Omega 3 supplements, ideal for children who refuse to eat fish

As mentioned above, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids found especially in fatty fish are essential for the harmonious development of the child. The brain is the one that benefits especially from these fatty acids. But for an optimal intake of Omega 3 in the body, the child should consume more than 2-3 times a week. However, fish is not, unfortunately, a food well liked by children. Many little ones refuse to eat fish either because of the strong taste it has or because of the bones.

To make sure, however, that the little one benefits from Omega 3 fatty acids even if he does not eat fish, you can offer him a food supplement based on fish oil.

Omega 3 from high quality fish oil, obtained from deep fish, with purified formula, is well absorbed by the child's body.

Talk to your pediatrician about Omega 3 supplements and decide together if your child can take such supplements, but in what amounts.

Frozen mussels made of bread

Frozen mussels are the most handy when we want to quickly serve a portion of breaded mussels. Frozen mussels are found in almost all stores, they are easy to prepare in many ways, including breads.

Ingredients recipe Frozen mussels made of bread

  • Frozen mussels
  • White flour
  • 1 or
  • biscuit
  • Sare, chilli
  • Sunflower oil

How to prepare the recipe Frozen mussels made into bread

The ready-cleaned, frozen mussels, I put them under a stream of hot water and the ice crust went away, then I dried them with a paper towel, I added salt and chilli and I let them penetrate for 15 minutes. I gave them the white flour very well, I shook them, then I gave them the beaten egg and finally the breadcrumbs.

I fried them in oil, say 1 finger thick in the pan, not necessarily in an oil bath, over medium heat, about 3-4 minutes, I turned them with a spatula halfway through. Make sure the oil is hot before putting them in the pan and take them at once.
When the breadcrumbs are golden on the bottom, it means they are ready. In principle, do not exceed 4 minutes.
Remove the breaded mussels from a paper towel to drain the oil. Good appetite!

Salad recipes

Discover the best recipes with salau and prepare this healthy fish in the most varied ways. Cook for you and your family, according to recipes with pikeperch and learn how to make a pikeperch in the oven, smoked, baked in a pan, breaded or fried.

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    Pumpkin soup is very tasty and can be served to a younger child, as well as to the whole family. I will.

    Fish soup is a cocktail of energy and health for the whole family, Choose a boneless fish, full of Omega 3 fatty acids, and.

    Carrot and fish puree can be a more pleasant alternative for the capricious baby to chicken and vegetable purees.

    Fish salad is a surprisingly tasty appetizer. Even if its preparation can take longer because the bones must be chosen.

    Potato fish is the favorite dish of the British and not for nothing. I invite you to try fish with au gratin vegetables, a recipe from.