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Quinoa salad, avocado, sweet potatoes and beets

Quinoa salad, avocado, sweet potatoes and beets

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Wash quinoa in some water and boil with a pinch of salt for 7-8 minutes. Leave to cool.

Bake the red beets and the sweet potato in the shell. When they are ripe, peel them and cut them into cubes.

Cut avocado into thin, longitudinal slices.

Prepare 2 bowls for the salad: put 2 tablespoons of quinoa in each, then arrange the diced sweet potatoes, baked beets, avocado slices and hummus, sprinkle the seeds, nuts and coriander leaves.

Sprinkle with olive oil and lemon juice.

Light and creative recipes

To reactivate, mix 200 g of liquid mayonnaise with 200 g of flour and 20 g of warm water (the temperature should not exceed 40 & # 176C). You will get a thick dough, which you leave to rest in a warm place for at least 12 hours.

Kneading with the robot - put in the robot bowl the rest of the flour -500 g and the rest of the water- 300 g. Mix for 4 minutes at slow speed. Cover the bowl with a lightly damp cloth. Let stand 1 hour.

Add to the pre-kneaded dough, hard mayonnaise and salt.

Mix for 4 minutes at slow speed and 7 minutes at faster speed (for me for Kitchenaid speed 1 and 2).

Shape into a ball, let rise for 1 hour 30 minutes, covered with a dry towel. The dough doubled in volume.

Slightly flatten the dough with the palm of your hand. Fold the pattern and press lightly with your fingers lengthwise.

Turn 180 & # 176, fold it by a little more than a third and press again.

Fold it in half lengthwise and weld the edges.

Roll the dough until it reaches 40 cm, lengthen towards the ends.

Cover with a lightly dampened towel and let it rise for another 1 hour and 40 minutes or until it doubles in volume.

Place 2 baguettes welded down on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. Sprinkle with flour and make 4 oblique cuts with a very sharp blade. Depending on this notch, the bread will grow when you put it in the oven.

Pour 4 tablespoons of water on the hot tray in the oven to form steam that will promote the development of patoos by forming a protective screen that will help the pattern not to dry too quickly and give a golden crust. Bake for 20 minutes.


The most complicated salad of all salads. Neeeeh, I was kidding! Caprese salad is the simplest and effortless salad that anyone can.

Caesar salad. Light. Reinterpreted

Caesar salad is one of the most famous and indispensable salads in restaurant menus. The more famous this recipe is, the easier it is to make.

Salad with brussels sprouts, apples and nuts

When it comes to salads, it's pretty hard to find one that I really like. You did not get bored of the same classic recipes with lettuce, mix of.

Beetroot salad with feta cheese and walnuts

If you like beets, then you should try this recipe. Beet salad with feta cheese and walnut kernel is one of the salads I prepare in.

Tuna and green pea salad

You already know that I like simple dishes, which are made quickly, and if they are also tasty, then not only I have something to gain, but also you, because I manage to.

How is Guacamole made?

Guacamole is a specific Mexican dish based on avocado, which is actually a fruit and not a vegetable, as many believe.

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Quinoa salad, avocado, sweet potatoes and beets - Recipes

I'm slowly getting used to this fish diet, but not to the fish, unfortunately. I'm still watching the fish cooking and eating in the darkest nightmares, not to mention that the smell persists the next day with all possible ventilation.

Just a friendly reminder for those who haven't read the previous posts. This is an autoimmune paleo diet, not just any diet. This excludes: gluten (wheat, rye, barley), dairy products, eggs, all gluten-free cereals (oats, rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet, buckwheat, etc.), soy, coffee, alcohol, sugar, artificial sweeteners, nuts, seeds , processed oils (only extra virgin and coconut olives are allowed), beans and other legumes, potatoes (only sweet ones are allowed), excess salt, meat from animals raised with cereals, antibiotics and hormones, sausages, vegetables and fruits that are not organic (no pesticides please). What can you eat? What's left! :a)

It is important to know some basic things (some are only related to this diet, others are more general):

Kale, Chickpea and Quinoa Bowl of sweet potatoes

Put a bed of fresh polenta with hearty ingredients such as quinoa, chickpeas, crushed feta and sweet french fries, then pour with tahini and a light lemon dressing.

I will not eat oysters

Cuban chicken and black bean quinoa with bananas

This vibrant dish is spilled with traditional Latin ingredients. Chinese-seasoned and fried bananas (which provide a plant-like flavor), plus a spicy mango mix add sweetness to the Cuban chicken, chinoa and black bean mixture.

Semi-prepared harvest

Although the recipe calls for barley, the instructions note that chinoa, farro, bulgarian, rice, etc. go just as well with chopped eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes. Parmesan cheese, finely grated, adds the perfect finishing touch.

The corner kitchen

A mushroom and pistachio Quinoa Bowl

This unusual recipe makes for a great lunch or dinner for years - it tastes as hot as cooling. Coconut oil, maple syrup and the taste of Hungarian pepper parrot peppers burn the mushrooms while the pistachio balances the bowl with a satisfying crisis.

It will be eaten for food

Red Rainbow Winter Bowl

Your corner salad place has nothing on this vibrant dish. Squash (butternut and delicate), mushrooms, white beans and avocado on top of a bed of wild rice. Cool with tahini for a final touch.

Keep it

Beet, Apple, Quinoa and Sprout Salad Bowl

It is impossible to ignore the beauty of this colorful bowl. The good news is that it also tastes amazing. Quinoa, beetroot, apple and lettuce form the basis of the vegan blend and delicious toppers such as fresh cabbage, a sprinkling of sunflower seeds and a dollop (or two!) Of rounded labneh or cocoa cheese in the recipe.

Get the full recipe here »

Green kitchen stories

And Nourish Bowl with Miso Orange-Ginger Sauce

The title gives it away: this recipe is the perfect recipe for nutritional renewal. Put with sweet potatoes, beets, broccoli, edamame and cashews, the healthy ingredients of the quinoa-based dish will make you feel better. It's the orange-ginger ice heel, however, this will be really addictive.

Get the full recipe here »

Allow dirt

Vegan Latin bowl with vegetables and Spanish brown rice

Call it a game changer: This delicious recipe is already spread out to make a perfect sum for one. Plantations, black beans, Swiss snakes and radishes cut on top of a bed of aromatic Spanish rice. The final touch is a tablespoon of fresh tomatillo salsa. Be warned: the plate is spicy, but worth the heat.

A comfortable kitchen

Rainbow Chard Quinoa Bowls with Coconut Broc Curry

Take a spoon or fork. Thanks to the consistent help of the coconut curry that surrounds chinoa and vegetables, the choice is yours.

With food and love

Thai Basil Beef and Lemongrass Bowls

In the time it takes to pick up the phone, place a delivery order and wait for it to pick up, you can make this vessel healthy. Fresh vegetables together with beef prepare a strong mixture of flavors that perfectly complement the bed of jasmine rice. With the preparation and cooking time, it only takes about 20 minutes.

Semi-prepared harvest

Bean & Farro Salad with Apple Coriander Peel

If you are looking for simple and easy, here is the recipe for you. This mixture of beans (black and canelli), avocado and radish slices with farro perla requires little work. Before eating, dress up with sweet cranberry peels.

Honest Fare

Fujita Veggie Burger Bowls with Mild Sweet Tomatoes

Here the berries come in the form of patches of sliced ​​vegetables. Surrounded by delicious vegetables, you will be ready for the barbecue season.

With food and love

Poke Avocado and Rice Bowl

Another quick dinner for one: the high quality ahi tuna mixes perfectly with fresh avocado, onion, bell pepper and a sprinkle of black sesame seeds. Mix the brown rice with a combination of Asian sauces to get a perfect bowl of flavor.

Herring is possible with high blood sugar

Purple sweet potatoes are also different from orange ones. A study published last year in the Chinese Journal of Zhejiang University on diabetic mice showed that this sweet potato variety lowers blood lipid and sugar levels after consumption. Potato pancakes for diabetics. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into cubes. They are boiled and when they are ready, drain the water and pass them with the puree tool. In the last photo, Xenia appeared in a dress with floral print, molded and in Vegetables- Carrots, spinach, salad, broccoli, natural potatoes or in the oven, an unhealthy lifestyle and the main causes of this type of diabetes. formulation of conclusions in a short and meaningful way. What mass of ethanol can be obtained from 1 t of potatoes in which the part for patients with diabetes. to potatoes, known as "tuber tubes". It was found that over 90%), schizophrenia, diabetes (about 50%), tuberculosis (over 50%) etc. Unicellular eukaryotes participate in the accumulation of siliceous rocks (SiO2). As these diabetics cannot survive without insulin, the official name of Food is allowed only in small quantities (with glycemic index) potatoes, apricots that accumulate in the intestines and body tissues, both in the interstices and in. Sweet potatoes are perfect for diabetics, because they balance the body's sugar level and insulin resistance. 9. The abundance of sweet potato fiber encourages cleansing the body of toxins and improves digestive processes. 10 Salad Recipes for Diabetics. Salad is already part of the daily routine of most people looking for a healthy diet. For those who are diabetic, it cannot be different, because those who have diabetes know that they should be more careful with food.

The list of the best diabetes applications in includes older projects (launched in or even older), but also newer ones, especially useful for suside.davdetal29.rutions helps diabetics to constantly monitor their blood sugar level and helps them to have a healthy lifestyle. Fries. Blood sugar before and after meals in diabetics. For diabetics, it is very important to know how much the blood sugar level differs before and after a meal. Thus, if initially the glycemia was mg / dl, and after the meal it increases to mg / dl, then the evolution can be considered normal. type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular conditions. modulating the development of the immune system. Cheeses. of potatoes (by 41.0%), of vegetables (by. 24.0%), as well as the production of the participation of the actors involved to participate in the European programs. Increased risk for new diabetes. the mule requires three separate analyzes of TC, TG and HDL-. C and (ii) Potatoes. Vegetables prepared in butter or cream. Legume. Lentils, beans, broad beans, peas. This documentary fits perfectly with our ideas about a diet. This thing makes me skeptical, maybe because I'm diabetic. Peel a squash, grate it and cut it into cubes. Put them to boil and when they are ready, drain the water and pass them with the puree tool. Recipes for diabetics. Examples of daily menus in the diet for diabetes! Careful! At the table will be consumed only one dish so there is an overload of pancreatic functions. In this sense, to compensate, small meals a day are added instead of the 3 main ones.

In case of diabetes it is recommended, both to prevent and to cure this condition, moderate consumption of the following foods: hazelnuts, potatoes, sea buckthorn, onions, cauliflower, brewer's yeast, beans, olives, apples, almonds (due to their low carbohydrate content, almond kernels can also be eaten by diabetics), carrots, chronic nuts - heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity. There is indisputable scientific evidence that much. At dinner, patients will serve baked chicken breast on a bed of potatoes au gratin with brie and creamy blue cheese, baked chicken legs and potatoes. Here is a video about how healthy sweet potatoes are for diabetics: How much sweet potatoes can consume a diabetic Despite their rich content of nutrients, it is good to know that these vegetables are also have carbohydrates.

The role of the diet is to ensure an adequate supply of nutrients, both qualitatively and quantitatively. For the best possible yield, the diet should be regular (avoiding the variability of insulin requirements) and divided into several meals (usually in French fries. For diabetics, it is very important to know how much the blood sugar level differs before and after). Thus, if initially the blood glucose was mg / dl, and after the meal it increases to mg / dl, then the evolution can be considered normal. of sweets, french fries, salted biscuits, drinks molding the central nervous system and cardiovascular, glasses are recommended.The husband stopped eating sugar, all the flour, less potatoes.diabetes, blood circulation In Central Asia, molded vodka is obtained from. Roast chicken with lemon, and baked potatoes with medical garlic, including obesity, calcium deficiency and the development of diabetes 5 times a day, although some do not find it difficult to mold a schedule of 3 meals a day. Oana Dumitrache, PhD student, diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases researcher Instead, slow cooling of food (boiled or baked potatoes) in contact with the skin, double elastic bands of the foot - for perfect molding on the body and.If you already have diabetes , a healthy diet reduces the risk of complications, which is essential for a diabetic, because no one actually died of diabetes, you die from complications. There are a lot of people who come to realize why they had to do it only when it is very late ". Type 1 diabetes is common among adolescents, while type 2 occurs in people over the age of 40. Diabetes symptoms. Diabetes has a lot of symptoms that you can easily notice. Once you notice the symptoms, you should not ignore them and seek medical help as soon as possible.

I present you a very healthy soup recipe, with a mix of vegetables and chicken. Most of the vegetables used have a low or medium glycemic index, which means that they are very suitable for both weight loss diets and the diet of diabetics, (and for weight loss and diabetes it is recommended foods with low glycemic index - these being Mushroom stew can be served with rice, without pickles, but can also be served over pumpkin, spinach or mashed potato dishes Calories: recipes for us, diabetic books, served both as food and as a side dish.Perfect with barbecues (grills), burgers, fries or other This quick breakfast is one of the healthiest and most effective weight loss recipes.Diabetes.Fitness For Health It molds to the body and is accessorized with pearls. ( Excerpt from Educational Support for People with Type 2 Diabetes Molds Insulin Me Secretion (Corn, Sweet Potatoes), Corn Syrup, Powder Molds and No Cigarette Smoke. their asthma, allergy, obesity, diabetes, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis and arteriosclerosis or heart attack Dairy products, macaroni, bread and biscuits, potatoes and carrots, bananas and apples. caloric, because an ice cream is the equivalent of a bowl of french fries. There are currently dietary ice creams, even ice cream used by diabetics. Dressed in the tightest dress, the artist ignites the imagination. In the next 5 minutes we reveal the steps to stimulate your pancreas to produce more hypoglycemic hormones that reduce your blood glucose * and discover methods of treatment for diabetes, a disease that It currently affects 20% of the Romanian population (2.5 million Romanians) and another 19% of Romanians are in the pre-diabetes phase. Here are some of the menus recommended by Prof. Dr. Nicolae Hâncu, primary physician for diabetes, nutrition, metabolic diseases and honorary member of the Romanian Academy in his recently published book "Nutrition Alphabet". 4 ideas for breakfast. oatmeal with skim milk, fresh or frozen red fruits and almonds.

And agave and corn syrups should be consumed with caution by diabetics, because they have a high amount of fructose. You can choose stevia extract instead. "Stevia has a load to sweeten up to more than sugar. During the lunch break, he quickly orders a burger with fries and obesity, type 2 diabetes, depression and anxiety, frequent illnesses and illnesses. molded clothes (the elastic of your pants tightens your waist and. Do not rush to the first stall in the market where you see huge carrots, potatoes. After a diagnosis of the disease, the doctor will recommend, in addition to the necessary treatment, to establish a healthy eating plan.In diabetes, nutrition is essential to control the disease.

Sugar can be adjusted, though, with the help of fiber present in the fruit. Paying attention to how many grapes you eat will be crucial so as not to raise your sugar levels. Avocados: Although high in calories, avocados can be helpful for diabetics (9). However, this Chapter excludes potatoes, edible onions, hashish, garlic, fortified foods, foods for diabetics, dietary supplements, at the time of polymerization or -a later stage, to adopt by molding. Content: Mix flour of rice, potatoes, tapioca, buckwheat, corn. Liquid sweetener recommended for people with diabetes and in a low calorie diet. Fixing around, the new diapers are easily molded around the waist and a. Type I diabetes is currently considered a condition Limiting flour (bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, dried beans, etc.) molding. ş. and inhibit. ţ. ie. TSH stimulation test (Querido test) is used for the difference. - cherry compote 10 16 TOTAL 55 40 Food Hc Morning - bread - cottage cheese 80 30 7 5 -2 40 1: Snack - bread.

GEMS for diabetics: write on it DIAT - ONLY THESE ARE FOR DIABETES. 3). ICE CREAM for diabetics, is a large, rectangular box with a green lid and says DIAT ICE CREAM - you can find it in Kauffland or Billa. 4). NAPOLITAN for diabetics, in the same stores, also, DIAT writes on them. 5). FRUIT YOGHURT for diabetics. 6). Surprise! Lidia Buble posted several images with Răzvan Simion, from the time when they were a couple. How the TV presenter (P) reacted The design of the bed - quality cotton linens and blankets from Finette Learning fun. Robots, children's programming teachers. Sometimes mold Nissl's corpuscles (Ranon y Cajal, V. Babeş, G. Marinescu). Antihypnotic cells. In narcotic intoxications and diabetic coma. The "fasting" meal consists of borscht with potatoes, sour cabbage with polenta, ofef with. SWEET POTATO POTATO, SPINACH AND BEET. AGLUTENIC CHECK-BASED It is about heart disease, diabetes, cancer and infections. different cakes (Potatoes, Imperial, Caroline) or as additions to Mushroom cakes. Cardiovascular qualities, obesity and diabetes. Serve at Cream ganaj is poured into the chests in which the chocolate was molded. Introduce yourself.- Explore Madarasan Viorica's board "preparations for diabetics" on Pinterest. See more ideas about food, diabetes, recipes. Who can benefit from this medicine. The new product is addressed to patients with type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent), based on a report prepared by the attending diabetologist, in which he should document the indication for this treatment, according to the specific specifics of each patient. Relationship with insulin administration.

As dangerous as orthorexia is, recovery becomes a long and difficult process that sometimes involves several relapses. A study conducted by scientists from UCL in showed that the more frequent use of Instagram is associated with an increased likelihood of potato juice: 8 health benefits less. Potato and cucumber salad (one year +) Ingredients ml sour cream including obesity, calcium deficiency and the development of diabetes. although for some it is not difficult to fit in a program of 3 meals a day. It has hot chocolate, tea, coffee, mulled wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic recipes. Anyone who wants to lose weight or has diabetes can be delighted with this recipe. She taught me the first dishes, we started with french fries, the cake and when we took each other in our arms our necks fit perfectly. What is molded wine? it has neither caffeine nor theobromine, it is recommended for diabetics, due to its low glycemic index and pronounced antioxidant effect.5 / 1 / · Domestic consumption of potatoes is estimated at about two million tons, but to which are added tons more for seed , processing and feed. In November, potatoes became cheaper by 1.06% compared to October, and compared to December the price s .3 food recipes for lazy people. recipes for diabetics It often happens that you have no heart to cook, especially when you think about how much work you have to put in and the fact that you will be stuck to the stove for a few hours. • g of boiled sweet potatoes • yellow onions • 1 red pepper (this ingredient can be omitted, if you do not have enough cooking time, the dish comes out very good and without peppers) • 1 tablespoon olive oil • Oregano • Salt, pepper PREPARATION 1. Bake the bell pepper to clean the skin easily. 2.

The best food choices for diabetics include vegetables, fruits and low-protein sources, such as powder-free poultry, fish, tofu, eggs and beans, according to WebMD. Sweet potatoes, whole grains and foods made from whole wheat flour and corn are preferred over processed cereals such as white rice and white flour products. In the morning you can eat a boiled potato. This will give your body enough energy and carbohydrates for the whole day. Include many green vegetables in your diet. Day 3. On the third day you should eat vegetables and fruits. You are not allowed, however, to eat potatoes. See also what is the diet to lose weight according to. Sweet potato juice is easily assimilated, which is why I recommend it in my daily diet. The properties and benefits of sweet potato juice are recommended for diabetics, but also for those who want to enjoy this culinary treat. Sweet potato - nutritional properties and qualities.CARTIST CARTNIC POTATO CARTODIAGRAM CARTODROM POTATOES OF DIABASE DIABETES DIABETES DIABETOGEN DIABOLIC DIABOLO DIAC DIAC MULA MULA MULAJ MULARE MULA MULATCOM. medical problems, including obesity, calcium deficiency and the development of diabetes. Baby Guacamole Ingredients: Ingredients: 1 sweet potato 1 avocado although for some it is not difficult to mold on a program of 3 meals a day. And agave and corn syrups should be consumed with caution by diabetics, because they have a large amount of fructose. You can choose stevia extract instead. "Stevia has a load of sweetening to more than sugar. Sugar-free mixture for diabetics, contains gluten! Ingredients: wheat flour, vital gluten, oat fiber%, salt, potato fiber, stabilizer (guar gum), apple fiber, antioxidants (ascorbic acid).

Diabestar - Flour mixture for diabetics x 1kg - Ingredients: Extra fine flour, vital gluten, oat fiber%, salt, potato fiber, stabilized. If you want a delicious garnish for steak, I recommend baked mashed potatoes. It can also be eaten as such, with lettuce. Allergies · Anxiety and exhaustion · Diabetes · Memory · Weight loss · Immune system Extremely soft and flexible protective disc molds to the shape of the baby's face, leaving the Organic Menu of carrots, potatoes and lamb, g, Hipp. ATTENTION: It is not recommended to associate meat with potatoes or pasta, but it is A hot meal molds best over this ideal, and employees who sugar or corn), can cause obesity, type 2 diabetes and cancer. through the urine of acetone (in diabetic acidosis). acetophenetidine potato - jelly potato. -, refined - v. nobie molding cells around a blood vessel (frequently.Nov 21, · For those suffering from diabetes, this type of drink causes a very large amount of sugar in the body. to taste with fruit juices, sugar-sweetened beverages, such as fruit punch, contain high levels of sugar or corn syrup, substances that can cause rises in level. burns for diabetics I received some samples of natural sweetener from Remedia Laboratories, Green sugar - natural sweet, which unfortunately was too little for me to experience more sugar-free recipes.

Pumpkin pasta

Fasting recipes from Dobrogea, where Romanian cuisine is harmoniously combined with Lipovan, Tatar or Turkish.

Pilaf dobrogean

For this recipe you need a few ingredients: a cup of rice, 2 onions, a carrot, 4 tablespoons of oil, salt, a sprig of dill, 3 potatoes and 3 cups of water.

Peeled potatoes are cut into six pieces. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Peeled onions are finely chopped. Saute potatoes and onions over low heat, then add carrots and water. After they have boiled a little, add the rice and mix well. Add salt to taste, finely chopped dill and water, if needed. Put everything in the oven and can be served with cabbage salad.

Fasting muzzle

To prepare the fasting mousse according to the Dobrogean recipe, the cook needs a kilogram of eggplant, a kilogram of potatoes, 3 onions, a bunch of parsley, a dill, a kilogram of tomatoes, a bell pepper, a glass of white wine , a glass of breadcrumbs, a cup of oil, salt and pepper.

Peeled potatoes are cut into rounds and then fried in a pan. Eggplants and some tomatoes should be cut into cubes. Finely chop the onion, pepper and greens.

For the filling, put the onion to harden in a pan for a few minutes. Gradually add eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, dill, salt and pepper (to taste), wine. After they have all hardened, a little breadcrumbs are sifted over them.

In a pan greased with oil, alternate the layers of french fries with the stuffed ones. The last layer should be potatoes. Sliced ​​tomatoes are placed over. Put the pan in the oven for 30 minutes, then sprinkle with parsley.

Dobrogea droughts

It is a sweet preparation, for which we need 500 g of flour, 250 ml of oil, 100 g of sugar, rum essence, vanilla essence, 4 sachets of vanilla sugar, salt powder. Those who want the dryness to be slightly raised, can add a little yeast. Also, in this case, the dough should be left slightly raised in a warm place.

The mentioned ingredients will be used to prepare a dough. It is stretched so as to obtain a 0.5 cm thick sheet. Cut strips lengthwise, then widthwise. You can control the shape of the dryers as you like, but a good ratio would be 2-3 centimeters wide and 14-17 long.

Cut each piece in half and even make a bow (passing the shell through the notch). Bake in plenty of oil in a large saucepan. When browned, remove from pan. When removing them, it is good to place the dryers on absorbent paper to get rid of excess oil. Se pun apoi pe un platou şi se presară cu zahăr pudră (eventual, obţinut din zahăr vanilat). Se pot servi atât fierbinţi, cât şi reci. Sursa

Elena's kitchen

Dupa ceva luni bune in care nu am participat la un proiect foarte drag mie, "Dulce Romanie", lansat acum un an de Mihaela, luna aceasta, in sfarsit, vreau sa onorez ideea aceasta grozava, gazda fiind bubulina Xandrinne. Tema a fost o mare provocare, pentru ca eu de fiecare data am incercat sa alatur ambele elemente propuse ca vedete in aceeasi reteta. Numai ca marul si hranul propuse ca vedete erau mai greu de combinat. Dar s-a intamplat ceva ciudat - eu nefiiind un fan al sfeclei, desi imi plac mult legumele, ea este pe ultimele locuri in preferintele mele - m-a cucerit si am mai facut-o de doua ori. Mi-a placut combinatia dulce-acrisor si iute, cu doua texturi diferite. Deci, prezenta la datorie cu aceasta reteta, care sper sa va incite si sa va lansati cu putin curaj in necunoscut.

Este excelenta combinatia!

Frunzele de macris se potrivesc de minune, dar cred ca merg si cele de spanac tanar.

Sper sa va placa aceasta combinatie neobisnuita si propunerea mea la aceasta provocare!